HackIM 2016 Programming 5 Writeup

Problem Dont blink your Eyes, you might miss it. But the fatigue and exhaustion rules out any logic, any will to stay awake. What you need now is a slumber. Cat nap will not do. 1 is LIFE and 0 is DEAD. in this GAME OF LIFE sleep is as important food. So… catch some sleep. But Remember…In the world of 10x10 matirx, the Life exists. If you SLOTH, sleep for 7 Ticks, or 7 Generation, In the game of Life can you tell what will be the state of the world?
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HackIM 2016 Trivia 3 Writeup

Problem Bill Gates loves Cipher. Attachement: http://ctf.nullcon.net/trivia/trivia3.png Solution This one took some time to figure out, mostly because the description is so vague. But using reverse image search for the cipher characters and “Bill” as keyword (Gates was a red herring), we managed to find Bill’s Cipher. With the substitution table, it was very easy to get the proper string. Flag: aglisurakshakivastu

HackIM 2016 Trivia 4 Writeup

Problem Use the file. Get the flag. But, you know what, I hate pipes. Attachement: http://ctf.nullcon.net/trivia/trivia4.txt Solution The file contains the esoteric Ook language, we can convert it to text using this tool. We get: starting from, print the following IPs. 7277067th IP Address 7234562th IP Address 7302657th IP Address 91238th IP Address 746508th IP Address 7211531th IP Address 7300098th IP Address 7211788th IP Address 723558th IP Address 91248th IP Address 7237378th IP Address 723557th IP Address 7234562th IP Address 723567th IP Address 749067th IP Address Hint: Anything specific about all the IPs?
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